Balalaika Self-tutor (In Russian)




A. Ilyukhin, 1973

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This is an eBook (PDF) version of a very rare 1973 edition of the best selling balalaika tutorial by A. Ilyukhin a professor of the Gnessin Institute of Music, Moscow, Russia.

This book, though in Russian, is almost self-explanatory due to the pictures and diagrams. Its incredible value is in exercises and sheet music. There are plenty of very easy and nice songs with simple variations to get you going! Maybe I should do a video tutorial on them? So many ideas, so little time.

Here are samples of lessons, exercises and sheet music:

Lesson 2

Exercise and two simple songs

M. Rozhov’s arrangement of When We Met also known as I Met You “Я встретил вас”.

This is a very meticulous book complete with all articulations, string numbers and fingerings.

Song index:

For Balalaika and Piano

1. A. Ilyukhin – “Listen, boys, what the string is saying”  “Вы послушайте, ребята, что струна-то говорит”

2. Arr. A. Ilyukhin – “The Cossak Was Riding to War” Ukrainian song

3. Arr. A. Ilyukhin and M. Krasev – Little Hopak “Гопачок” Ukrainian dance

4. Arr. A. Ilyukhin and M. Krasev – Yanka “Янка” Belorussian song

5. Arr. B. Troyanovsky – Withered Flowers “Цвели цветики” Russian song

6. Arr. B. Troyanovsky – By the Gates “У ворот, ворот” Russian song

7. M. Glinka – Glory “Славься” from opera “Life For the Tzar”

8. A. Glazunov – Heil “Град” from ballet “The Seasons”

9. M. Moussorgsky – Hopak from opera “Sorochinkaya Yarmarka”

10. D. Kabalevsky – Clowns “Клоуны”

11. D. Shostakovich – Gavotte “Гавот”

12. A. Shalov – Sibirian polka “Сибирская полечка”

13. I. Dunayevsky – Galop “Галоп” Arr. by N. Schuchko

14. G. Verdy – Intro to the 3rd act of La Traviata

15. I. Svendsen – High Up In the Skies There Gold Star Is Shining “Высоко в голубой дали светится голубая звезда”

16. M. Moszkowski – Spanish Dance “Испанский танец”  op. 12, no. 2

17. V. Abaza – Pizzicato Arr. A. Ilyukhin

18. N. Fomin – Auvergne Dance “Овернский танец”

19. V. Andreev – Polonaise no. 1

For Balalaika And Guitar

20. When We Met “Я встретил вас” Arr. M. Rozhkov

21.  A. Petrov – I Am Walking In Moscow “Я шагаю по Москве” Arr. M. Rozkov

22. The Peddlers “Коробейники” Arr. V. Ditel – M. Rozhkov

For Balalaika And Accordion

23. V. Motov – Round Dance “Хороводная”

24. N. Polikarpov – Rowan Tree “Рябина” Arr. A. Azov – O. Glukhov

25. Arr. A. Azov – O. Glukhov – Hey you, carpenters! “Oй вы, плотнички”


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