The Russian Real Book hasĀ finally arrived!

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Over twoĀ hundred most famous Russian songs, including Dark Eyes, Two Guitars, Those Were the Day, Moscow Night and many, many more!

A very useful music book for any musical situation. This book does not have any lyrics. The music and chord changesĀ are triple checked for accuracy.Music is printed in large fonts, one tune per page for the ease of finding and readingĀ in any light condition. All tunes are indexed both in English and Russian in the alphabetical order with page numbers.

The book is coil-bound and printed on heavy paper to withstand many years of gigging.

The keys are convenient not only for the balalaika, but all string instruments: violins, mandolins, domras, guitaras, bouzoukis, ouds as well as accordions.

The selection of songs for this compilation is the result of an exhaustive effort to represent the many styles of music that make up that beloved Russian idiom.

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Song Index

[column width=”47%” padding=”6%”]Along the Mourom Road
Along the Piterskaya Road
At the Samovar
Autumn Slumber
Before I Go, Iā€™d Like To Say
Birds Are Flying Away
Birds Fly Home
Blue Kerchief
Blue Scarf
Bright Face, Round Face
Bright Is the Night
Burn, Burn Gypsy Love
Char-Ć -banc
The Chicken is Roasted
Clouds Over The City
Coachman, Hold Your Horses
Dark Eyes
Dark Night
Daydreams Waltz
Do Not Scold Me
Evening At the Harbor
Exhausted Sun
Felt Boots
A Foggy Morning
Frost, Oh Frost
Fuzzy Bumblebee
Gentlemen Of Fortune
Golden-Domed Moscow
Heart On the Snow
Hey, Coachman, Take Me to the Yar
I Love Yan the Gypsy
In a Dugout Shelter
In the Hills Of Manchuria
In the Meadow
In the Smithy
In the Wild Steppes
In the Woods Near the Front
It Is Not the Wind
Kostya the Sailor
Laraā€™s Theme
Let There Always Be Sunshine
Little Bricks
Letter To Mother
Little Christmas Tree
Little Willow TreeĀ [/column] [column width=”47%” padding=”0″]Lonely Accordion
Longing For Home
Looking In Blue Lakes
Lyric Song From Sormovo
Merry Quadrille
The Moon Is Shining
Moscow Nights
My Leafless Maple
Officersā€™ Waltz
Oh, Galya
Oh, the Town Of Samara
Over the Seas, Over the Waves
Play, My Bagpipe!
Russian Imperial National Anthem
Russian National Anthem
Russian Sailorsā€™ Dance
Seven Forty
Slender Rowan Tree
Snow Storm
So Many Lovely Girls
Song About Love
Song About Tbilisi
The Song Flows On
The Song Of the Old Coachman
The Song Of Yashka the Gypsy
Stenā€™ka Razin
Steppe Is All Around
Styopa Drank It All Away
These Dark Eyes
Those Were the Days
Three Lines
Trainman, Hold On
Tum Balalaika
Turquoise Rings
Two Guitars
Unhitch the Horses, Fellows
Ural Rowan Tree
The Volga Boatmenā€™s Song
The Volga Flows On
The Waves Of the Danube
When Spring Arrives
When We Met
Yes, I Am Swarthy
You Stood Me Up
Your Excellency [/column][end_columns]