What is an iBalalaika Premium Membership?

It’s an excellent way to learn the fundamentals of balalika playing — the techniques, and execution.

iBalalaika members get:

  • Instant access to the Balalaika Fake Book tutorials as well as the Balalaika Tutorial Online – Video tutorials that show you how to play the songs from the Balalaika Fake Book and the fundamentals of balalaika playing.
  • Practice tracks – Each episode comes with accompaniment tracks, one slow and one fast to make your practicing more fun.
  • Sheet music – There is sheet music for each song with articulation, voicings and fingerings which makes it easier to practice.
  • Higher-resolution videos – All videos are available in High Definition format as well as the Standard Definition size.
  • Discounts on additional iBalalaika products – Members receive discounts on the other iBalalaika products. For example, members get $10 off the normal price of my new The Balalaika Fake Book.
Only $199 for a lifetime membership!

You can also subscribe for 6 month for $59 with the recurrent charge of $29 if you decide to continue after 6 months.

Click on the button below to proceed to the signup area. Create your login, password, select a membership type click okay and enjoy!

Get Instant Access to the iBalalaika Archives

The iBalalaika Premium Membership gives you immediate access to the entire iBalalika archive!

All of the tutorials in the archives will become available to you immediately once you sign up for a premium membership.

These are some of the subjects covered in the tutorials:

  • Playing techniques such as Balalaika Tutorials – Whether you’re a beginner or an old pro, thes video lessons can make a big impact on your playing.
  • Learning to play any song from The Balalaika Fake Book – These lesson will teach you to play the most famous and requested song including  Those Were the Days, Lara’s Theme from Doctor Zhivago, Moscow Nights, Kalinka and over 100 more songs.

All these episodes will become available for immediate download once you’ve signed up for an iBalalaika Premium Membership!

Yours To Keep Forever

When you sign up you will be able to download and keep all the past and future tutorials. There is no DRM (Digital Rights Management). They do not expire. All I ask is that you don’t share or distribute the files you have downloaded.

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  1. Ryan

    Is this site still current? I just discovered the balalaika and have started to become obsessed with learning it. I’m s composer/ multi instrumentalist and I don’t know how I’ve lived this long without this great little instrument. I have so many questions about technique and if this site is still current I’d definitely be interested in the membership.

    1. Alex Siniavski

      Hi Ryan,
      It is current. It had some problems with the server that are being fixed as I type this reply. What question do you have?

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