A. Dorozhkin, 1963

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This is an eBook (PDF) version of a 1963 edition of the best selling balalaika tutorial by A. Dorozhkin.

This book, though in Russian, is almost self-explanatory due to the pictures and diagrams. Its incredible value is in exercises and sheet music. There are plenty of very easy and nice songs with simple variations to get you going! Maybe I should do a video tutorial on them? So many ideas, so little time.

Here are samples of lessons, exercises and sheet music:

Sample 1

Sample 2

Sample 3

This is a very meticulous book complete with all articulations, string numbers and fingerings.

Song index:

A lot of solo balalaika songs too many to list. Among them are Moscow Nights, When We Met, Little Medow (Polyanka), Little Willow Tree.

For Balalaika and Piano

1. Arr. A. Dorozhkin – Guelder Rose By the Mountain “Под горою калина”

2. Arr. A. Dorozhkin – By t the Don River  “У нас было на Дону” Russian song

3. A. Goedike  – Russian folk song

4. Arr. A. Dorozhking – Galya Was Walking In the Garden “Галя по садочку ходила” Ukrainian folk song

5. P. Kulikov – Piece

6. Arr. A. Dorozhkin – Little Orphan “Сиротинка” Russian folk song

7. Arr. A. Dorozhkin – Quail “Перепёлка” Belorussian folk song

To be continued…