Balalaika Case

You want to protect your very valuable instrument. There are many cases available. For example, you can find them on eBay. You can buy there a Romanian made balalaika with a case for around $150. Throw out the balalaika and keep the case. Romanian made balalaikas are awful but the cases are okay.

If you are serious about protecting your instrument I would suggest THIS CASE (please click on any picture to see a bigger image)

which is made in Croatia by an artisan instrument case company and is what I would call the King Of All Balalaika Cases. Super durable composite material, flight reenforced, well padded, beautifully designed and superbly manufactured. You can get your own logo or a signature printed on a case. It comes in different colors, as well.  Contact me directly for ordering.

I have had this case for about three years now, and it has been through a lot of heavy duty traveling, rain and snow and still looks pretty much new.

Did I say it was waterproof? Well, at least 95 % waterproof. It survived several rains and snow falls. I have never had a heart to test it in the ocean for the sake of knowing if my balalaika will survive water landing.

$2,200.00 includes domestic shipping

Please contact me for ordering.