And here is for all of you, inquisitive souls, my wireless setup. In no way this is a perfect setup, I am always looking for better solutions, but so far this was the best for me – very reliable and great sounding.

First I put two sets of velcro strips on the body transmitter Shure PGX1, peel the paper from the top layer and attach it to the balalaika.

I then run the microphone wire underneath the transmitter PGX1 between the velcro strips and since the wire is too long I wrap it around the PGX1 transmitter

and since the wire is too long I wrap it around the PGX1 transmitter

My luthier Andreas Gerth attached a mic holder under the bridge and I run the wire through it to hold the mic in place

You don’t really need that wind protector but it dramatically lessens the feedback! Watch out for that feedback, it is the scourge of all acoustic instruments!

You don’t have to attach that mic holder to your bridge. The DPA 4061BM comes with a whole bunch of different holders and an XLR adapter. You can easily attach the holder to the sound board and run the mic wire through it.

Lately I am running my mic directly to the amp and the sound is amazing! Wireless takes some frequencies out but direct line makes DPA 4061BM really shine.

Last but not least. If you are on a budget you do not have to buy DPA 4061BM. It is pretty expensive and a regular Sure lapel mic will do just fine. Or Sennheiser wireless system with lapel mic will be also more than sufficient.