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  1. Paul King

    I want to personally thank you for lessons 29 and 30. These songs are within my abilities and your chords have given these songs a very sweet melody. I learned how to play kalinka back in 1979, however the version I was taught never sounded as good as your version. Those were the days, excellent chords although I have not yet mastered it I will difinately enjoy playing this with the base-line recordings. I have almost mastered lessons 1,2, and 3, however lesson 4 is very complicated and will require a lot of concentration and constant reviewing of your lesson exercise. To tell you the truth lesson 4 is intimidating to me, but I am determined to go in sequence lesson by lesson till I can get all of these lessons completed, although I am skipping to lessons 29 and 30 for right now. I noticed your translation for those were the days doesn’t match the Russian included with the words, was that deliberate? I am very excited now about actually learning to play the balalaika better now for these recent songs and hope to be able to play well enought to use the fast speed.

  2. Paul King

    I may not have been accurate in my lesson descriptions, I can play the robbers, blue kerchief, and along the peterskaya road almost at your normal speed, I can follow kalinka but need practice and I’m still trying to learn those were the days, lesson 4 is still very intimidating to me, one of my favorites is dark night, but I don’t think it had the slow version you usually do after instructions so I couldn’t pick-up on it right away.

    • Paul, thanks for your kind words! That was not my translation, these are the lyrics by Gene Raskin.
      As far as Dark Night is concerned I did not put the slow part because the song was already very slow.

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